Breadth and Consent

Our privacy policy establishes the way Centra Tech and its affiliates and subsidiaries (hereinafter, “Centra Tech”, “we”, “our” or “us”) defend, save, use, and collect personal and other private information.  The policy ensures that Centra Tech conforms to the requirements of relevant United States (US) federal and state laws and regulations, and European Union (EU) data protection laws.  It also protects user privacy and information.  Centra Tech’s services include merchant processing, products, and any other feature, technology, or function (hereinafter: “Services”) offered by Centra Tech.

We process the personal information of the following users:

  1. Website visitors;
  2. Those who indirectly interact with Centra Tech.  This is typically done when they pay merchant invoices and those invoices are forwarded by Centra Tech to merchants during checkout.  Section III.3 refers;
  3. Merchants enrolling in Centra Tech’s services.

Customers, those accessing our website, and other end users agree to the terms and conditions of this and related policies by visiting our website and/or by using our Services.

“Personally Identifiable Information” Defined

“Personally identifiable information” (hereinafter: “PII”) describes information that is directly linked to a person, can be used to identify that person, and may be sensitive in nature.  Examples of PII include a person’s birthdate, name, or street address.

What Information Does Centra Tech Collect from Users?

Information collected varies based on the type of user and activity involved.

  1. Merchant Shoppers: Shoppers wanting to pay invoices created by a Centra Tech supported merchant will be required to provide merchants and Centra Tech with a valid e-mail address.


  1. Website Visitors: Centra Tech may collect customarily collected web log information.  This information is combined with information about a website user’s computer to combat fraud.  This information includes, but is not limited to:
    • Which pages on Centra Tech’s website the user visited;
    • Web user’s web browser type and IP address
    • The date and time a user accessed Centra Tech’s website


  1. Merchants: Centra Tech may PII from merchants opening accounts with Centra Tech.  The type of PII collected varies and is dependent on the nature of the Services used by the merchant, but it can include:
    • Bank account information, including routing and account numbers
    • Merchant name, address, and telephone numbers
    • EIN/VAT numbers
    • E-mail addresses of merchant representatives
    • Bank account number
    • Relevant identification documents for representatives and Merchant employees.

Centra Tech collects this information as part of a general effort to mitigate risks, ensure the identity of merchant partners, and combat fraud.  Additional information about Centra Tech’s merchants may be sought out from third parties.  Third party data providers include, but are not limited to, identity verification services and registered credit bureaus.  Centra Tech does ensure that third party data providers have similar data protection policies as Centra Tech.

The PII Centra Tech collects is required, as it permits our network to directly contact Shoppers and obtain bitcoin refund addresses in the event of a payment exception.  Examples of payment exceptions include, but are not limited to underpayments and overpayments.  The intent behind this policy is to minimize inefficiencies in Centra Tech’s payment process and to enhance the experience of both Merchants and Shoppers.

In the event of a merchant’s direct request, Centra Tech will store and collect PII to benefit the merchant.  Benefits include, but are not limited to, storing data with Centra Tech’s invoicing service to expedite future financial transactions.  Merchants may request information from shoppers including basic contact information.  This contact information includes, but is not limited to, e-mail contact information, physical mailing information, and phone contact information.

In all above situations, Shoppers’ PII is processed, stored, and handled in accordance with the same principles Centra Tech stores merchant PII.

Centra Tech neither collects nor stores any information relating to sensitive personal identity information.  Examples in information not collected or stored includes, but is not limited to, data on race, gender identity, religion, and/or political perspectives.

Centra Tech’s Intent on Collecting Data

Centra Tech collects PII to enhance the services afforded to Centra Tech’s clients and merchants.  PII is used to:

  • Resolve payment disputes and facilitate the collection of fees;
  • Address technical problems;
  • Provide transactional data to users;
  • Afford Centra Tech an opportunity to furnish services and customer support to end users;
  • Prevent prohibited or illegal activities;
  • Enforce Centra Tech’s Terms of Use;
  • Provide a more efficient and customized user experience;
  • Deliver targeted marketing, promotional offers, and notices in accordance with a user’s communication preferences;
  • Validate information furnished to Centra Tech with third parties.
[Methods of Storing and Protecting PII]

Centra Tech processes PII with computers based primarily in the United States.  Data may also be processed in other parts of the world at Centra Tech facilities.  Regardless of where the computers are located, Centra Tech defends PII by retaining electronic, procedural, and physical custody of the data and complies with relevant US federal and state regulations, and EU data protection laws.

Centra Tech uses standard operating procedures that require the use of computer security best practices.  These practices include, but are in no way limited to, the use of firewalls, data encryption, and physical access limitations to Centra Tech facilities.  Centra Tech also restricts access to computer systems that contain or process PII and ensures that only those who require access to these systems to execute job duties can access them.

When Centra Tech Provides Data to Third Parties

Centra Tech may provide your data to:

  • Affiliated or subordinate Centra Tech entities.  This information is furnished to detect and prevent illegal use of Centra Tech resources, violations of Centra Tech user policies, and to provide information that assists Centra Tech in creating new products, services, and communications;
  • Contracted service providers helping Centra Tech operations.  These providers typically verify merchant information and include, but are in no way limited to, credit bureaus;
  • Representatives of government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other parties who furnish a subpoena or similar court order to Centra Tech.
  • Information may also be provided by Centra Tech to third parties when Centra Tech, in its sole and exclusive discretion, determines that such disclosure is necessary to thwart or report illegal activities or prevent violations of Centra Tech’s Terms of Use.

Third parties receiving PII may operate out of countries with laws concerning the processing or handling of PII are more lenient than the laws of your country.

Process for Merchants to Access or Change Personal Information

Merchants are permitted to edit and review certain PII data stored on the Centra Tech system.  This data includes name, contact information, and e-mail address data.  Changes to this information may be made by logging into the Centra Tech website, reviewing the PII listed, and modifying it through the Settings are of the site.

Merchants wanting to change other information, such as company website or industry data, or those requesting an account deletion, must send an e-mail to [e-mail address].  Those deleting their Centra Tech account will note that their accounts are designated as “Closed” in Centra Tech’s database.  Centra Tech may continue to retain personal information from Closed accounts for a certain term as defined by laws of common applicability.


Centra Tech does not sell PII to third parties for marketing purposes without express consent from affected parties.  Centra Tech reserves the right to combine end user information with information collected from other companies in order to enhance and customize the Centra Tech Services, advertising, and other content.  Those not wishing to receive marketing solicitations from Centra Tech or wishing to avoid participation in Centra Tech’s advertising programs may lock the “unsubscribe” link in the e-mail.  Users may also request removal from these programs by e-mailing [e-mail address].

How we use cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over time. Most browsers support cookies, but you can set your browser to decline them and delete them whenever you like.

Cookies Used by Centra Tech

Users accessing the Centra Tech website may notice that Centra Tech or companies hired to act on Centra Tech’s behalf place small data files on their computers.  These files are referred to as “cookies” and they may also be used to customize Centra Tech services, advertising, content, measure advertising effectiveness, and build system confidence.

Centra Tech sends a “session cookie” to users’ computers whenever users attempt to log in or otherwise use Centra Tech Services.  A session cookie helps Centra Tech recognize when users visit multiple pages during a single visit so that users do not need to log in repeatedly.  Once a user closes their browser, the cookie expires and has no effect.

Other cookies, which last longer, are used for purposes such as displaying your e-mail address on Centra Tech’s login page.  This allows users to avoid the requirement of retyping their e-mail address each time they log in to the Centra Tech site.

Centra Tech’s cookies are encoded to protect user privacy.  Encoded cookies ensure that only Centra Tech can interpret the data stored in them.  Users may decline Centra Tech cookies, but should recognize that refusal to allow Centra Tech cookies may limit the use of Centra Tech’s website.  Information may also be collected about user access devices and computers to reduce the risk of fraud and improper Centra Tech site usage.

Users may notice that third party cookies are present when using Centra Tech Services on websites that are not associated with Centra Tech.  This may happen when users take certain actions, such as visiting a website maintained by a third party.

Modifying Cookie Settings

Users may modify cookie settings through their internet browser settings.  Users may require that the browser alert them when a new cookie is received and delete cookies either individually or in groups.  Users electing to delete Centra Tech cookies may lose or experience degradations to website access and functionality.

Additional information on cookies, how to opt-out of cookie usage, and browser settings may be found at this third-party website: Cookie Settings.

Policy Modifications

Centra Tech reserves the right to amend or modify this policy at any time.  Revisions will be considered effective at the time of publication on Centra Tech’s website.  If revisions substantially impact the way in which your PII is processed or retained, Centra Tech will afford users and merchants 30 days’ advanced notice.  Notice will be published on the “Privacy Policy” area of Centra Tech’s website.

Questions about privacy? Please contact us.

Questions regarding the terms or enforcement of this Privacy Policy should be directed to [email protected]